"Where daycare and skilled nursing meet."

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for the medically-fragile pediatric population."

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Our Goal


Joycare Pediatric Day Health Center endeavors to create the therapeutic environment necessary to delivery quality care. Our staff of qualified professionals will tend to the specialized needs of each child placed under our care. Our aim is to provide a social environment that stimulates interaction while meeting the physical and emotional needs of your child.

Our daily programming will include routine clinical interventions, fun activities, and any speech, physical, or occupational therapies prescribed for your child. We hope our program enables primary caregivers to focus on other family obligations.

Parent Education

Great news! Parents or guardians with children enrolled in Joycare will be able to enjoy these education and training courses:

It Takes Two to Talk® — The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays.

Check back with us periodically as we add more courses...

Does my child qualify?

In order to qualify for admission to our PPECC, your child must meet the following criteria:

  • Be medically complex or fragile and/or technologically dependent.

  • Have approval from his/her doctor.

  • Be medically stable (not in need of immediate hospital care).

  • Be appropriate for outpatient care.

  • Require skilled nursing care.

  • Present no significant risk of infection to other children or personnel.

Also, our patients primarily are:

  • Children who need nursing care every day and would not have their needs met in a day care or school environment.

  • Children who need nursing care every day but do not need to be in a hospital.

  • Children who've had frequent emergency room visits and hospitalizations for an ongoing or unresolved illness such as asthma or seizures.

Joycare may also admit children with the following conditions (but not limited to):

  • Very low and low birth weight babies

  • chronic lung disease

  • Feeding problems-suck/swallow disorders

  • Tube feedings

  • Colostomy/Ileostomy Care

  • Diabetes

  • Renal failure

  • Failure to Thrive

  • Injury and Abuse

  • Cardiac Disorders

  • Oxygen Dependent/Trach Dependent

  • Genetic Disorders, Syndromes and Rare Diseases

  • Brain injury, Seizures and Neurological Disorders

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